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Barry Gipson
A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. Coding a Bullet Proof state of mind N2 veterans through cannabis with “Weekly Smoke.”

The decision for me to take a step back to do this will ultimately pay dividends in the long game

Learn to recognize these collective red flags

The Menace II Society According To 1 Man

Photo Credit — HOK

Veterans Lost In Translation

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All Streams Matter In 2021

Aerosmith released “Back In The Saddle” in March of 1977. When the song is performed in concert, Tyler often makes more noticeable lyrical and visible references to sex. Although the lyrics, by Tyler, were written with the simple idea of cowboys and sex, this song took on new meaning after Aerosmith reunited in 1984 and embarked on their Back in the Saddle Tour.

Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start

From NWA, to Boyz In The Hood, to the BIG3, Ice Cube has continually re-invented his hustle from the city of angels. His recent ties to politics in the 2020 election is another fine example of a summer vacation education. Al Bello / Getty Images

Damn BG The Spots Getting Hot

The Cannabis Cowboy is a seasoned cultivator brand located in Colorado. Official America’s Team is a brand of NFL fans built differently as a result of the 2020 pandemic. Two guys 2 brands one mission in the name of the “Game of Strains.”

Prepare 4 Takeoff

Thank you for flying with BG airlines today. Our destination where only a few will arrive during the pandemic state of things.

Have you written down your writing goals for 2021?

A Story A Day Keeps The Depression Away

Instead of having just one link in your IG bio with only one destination, use Linktree and use up to seven like I do for just as many. Branding HIGHLY encouraged when you get their Pro subscription.

Do Business Where You Do Business

Barry Gipson

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