How to type your next book “Out The Mud” on Medium

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When I began writing my first project last fall on LinkedIn targeted 4 Amazon KDP I had a unique strategy. One to work in a safe new platform not widely known, and inject my GAME into fresh nodes on the social organism. All in the name of brand building through social media.

I chose the LinkedIn platform due to it’s publishing feature. Like the stories here with Medium I’ve fell in love quickly. It required less time than my traditional blog to create new content. Saving more time to write, share, and package into my second project. Oh, and earn a penny or two in the process.

The Medium Partner Program also enticed the decision. Now knowing that every click of my key will press a profitable seed within each text counts. Those efforts now count 4 something.

Add water, dirt, and heat to creat a dope content cookie you can break down and sell

I broke my project down into 11 weeks to write each chapter of the e-book. Leaving a few weeks to edit, and nail it completely down for a hard release date On January 31, 2020. In addition, LinkedIn is a professional social media network with connections already aware of my Cowboys brand.

Very few, if any members on my Facebook group are connected with me there. Those that are, likely don’t spend time on it due to these 2019 stats. On the flip side of the GAME, I know this is about 2 change in the near future.

This new platform dashboard gave me the safe space to create 4 the project to select how, and when to promote to my other audiences elsewhere. I know there are 2 sides to this story, but the silver lining was brand building on a new platform injecting new content into it in the process.

After finalizing my second project today on paper my goal is to release it this fall on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing again. I’m taking advantage of the Medium platform with stories to create the content for it. Simultaneously building a new audience on a totally new platform. Sowing the more seeds to grow an incredible new harvest to reap in 2020.

I’m essentially taking the blueprint from LinkedIn. To now help with my second efforts and project here on Medium. This my friend is how to write your new book on a social media platform. No handouts. Because I want to get it out the mud.

In the name of accountability I want you to follow my journey. At this time I will also throw out seed with some particulars on my second book. In the process build my brand the Medium way through my own publication “Bullet Proof” there.

Book title — “2020 Double Vision Coffee and Blunts with BG”

Sub title — How to create a mental health cheat code to escape the Phawkery within the Matrix 4 veterans.

Cover — Brainstorming through the journey. I know it will manifest something totally unorthodox.

Contents: Over the course of the next 7 months I will document and share my journey day to day, week by week, month by month. As I travel accross the nation to promote my first e-book “Bullet Proof” centered around veteran suicide. Primarily at military installations in the process of attending sports, music, and cannanbis events.

Release Date: 1 Week prior to the Dallas Cowboys home game opener September of this year. Possibly looking at 9/11. In the process of writing my book I will be using my YouTube Channel below to build an additional audience, and revenue generating stream. Make streams great again in 2020.

In conclusion

It just makes cents to spend more time creating where you actually earn cash in the GAME. In that same breath using a new publishing platform to promote your content. Oh, and lastly did I mention create and publish my own publication “Bullet Proof” here in the name of my first book?

Youtube will provide all the video content to be shared here, LinkedIn, and YouTube below is where I will spend most of my time creating for this project. Be sure to watch my channel intro video, and subscribe today!

A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. Coding a Bullet Proof state of mind N2 veterans through cannabis with “Weekly Smoke.”